What we are?

  • We are parents and carers joining together 
  • We all look after children with severe and complex disabilities
  • Our children cannot undertake mainstream activities
  • We are based in or around Wolverhampton in the UK Midlands
  • We are all volunteers. We have no staff or outside agencies. Nobody is paid.
  • We provide mutual support to one another
  • We are stronger together than we are alone


What we are not?

  • We are not a business and certainly not for profit
  • We do not provide Respite care
  • We do not provide staff to care for children on activities
  • We are not a large organisation


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just come along and join in?

No. Most activities require pre booking and payment and we require all new members to fill in and return a Joining Form (available here) which we will need to approve before you attend your first event. If you are the parent or carer of a severely disabled child you will understand the need for this!

Why do you do this?

There is very little for severely disabled children to do in their spare time and the logistics of taking them out individually is often too hard for the families to cope with alone.

Can I drop my children off with you & collect them later?

No. We do not offer Respite Care. You are responsible for looking after your child throughout the event, but you do get to join in the fun!

So what do you need money for?

Parents are asked to make a contribution to all activities. Therefore some activities pay for themselves but others do not. Any donations are used to subsidize events, for travel and facilities. All parents or carers of severely disabled children know how expensive these things are!

Can I make a donation?

With pleasure and we would be happy to publicly thank you if you don’t mind or not if you prefer. Email us or click here and donate via Paypal. A regular standing order would be really welcome as would organizing a fund raising event

I live in Stafford*. Can I join in?

Talk to us.  The onus is on you to get yourself and your child to and from the activity but some activities are funded specifically for Wolverhampton families.

 * could also be Dudley / Stourbridge / Telford / Kidderminster or anywhere that isn’t covered by Wolverhampton City Council

How old do you have to be to access Give Us A Break?

Our activities are accessible to disabled people between 2 and 25 years old.

Can other family members come along too?

Yes – we welcome siblings and other family members so they can enjoy the experience too as a whole family! Just remember that they may require supervision as well and we cannot do this for you!

How much does it cost to join Give Us A Break?

We do not charge for joining, although we do ask that you fill in a Joining Form (available here) ,submit it and are approved before attending your first activity.

Can I contact you by phone?

We have a mobile phone but this is primarily for use at events rather than general contact. It is frequently unmanned. To contact us please use email.

Your event list has just been published but some events are sold out already?

We send out our schedule to members first before posting them online. Some events have limited availability and prove very popular, so sell out quickly. Others are less of an issue. Typical examples are Wildside which always sells out and Old Fallings which is a large facility and so the more the merrier! If you want to go to an event then you have to be a member anyway so join up and you will find out first for the best chance of booking all events. 

I’d love to donate but I want to know what my money will be used for?

We have no paid staff, nor external agencies to pay. Your donation will be all used to provide activities. But if you want to know exactly how it will be spent then please discuss this with us. We can allocate all of your donation to an event which can even be named after you or your organisation. We are open to ideas!

What if something happens to me during to an event?


You need to ensure that we have a current emergency contact in this unlikely event. If your normal emergency contact is going to be unavailable then make sure we have one that is! You should strongly consider getting a Carers Emergency Card – see this page. Also ensure that your mobile phone has an emergency contact stored as ICE – In Case of Emergency.


We have two email addresses, one for general inquiries and the other for making bookings. Please remember that we are a volunteer charity and most of us have severely disabled children of our own so we may not be able to respond immediately.

Contact telephone

We also have a contact telephone number 07854 252328 which is primarily for use at events rather than contacting us generally. As such it is usually unmanned and is not recommended as a quick way of contacting us. We suggest using email instead.