Introduction from Lindsey


Hi I would like to welcome you to Give us a break.


I am one of the parents on the committee and have been involved with the group from the beginning. We started out as a small group of mums who had severely disabled children and were struggling in the holidays to find appropriate and meaningful activities to get involved in.


I have severely disabled identical twin girls, Rebecca and Daisy who have a rare and degenerative condition. One of their favourite places to go has always been Worcester Snoezelen, so I decided to book the whole centre each holiday, then ask other families to come with us and split the cost. This then progressed to those parents booking things their children loved or suggesting places to attend together, to give each other a bit of moral support.


I know as a parent of disabled children how difficult life in general is and when you are cooped up in the house during the school holidays how things can rapidly deteriorate!  I have never gone anywhere on my own without another adult with me as I need the support, so having others around to help and who understand has been wonderful for me.


In addition all the useful information surrounding disability I have learnt from other parents, so this group not only provides  great activities that our children can access at a level appropriate to their needs but also a good support network for parents.


I hope you will feel motivated to try an activity with us and also make suggestions for future ones.

Lindsey – September 2016


Introduction from Linda


Hi my name is Linda, and my son Matthew is autistic with severe learning difficulties. He has poor social and communication skills and needs to be supported and encouraged to participate in activities. He will often make strange noises and have odd behaviour, and when out in the community, other people will look and stare, even laugh at him and this can make going out a daunting experience.


Matthew is unable to attend mainstream activity sessions and in the past, we have tried other activity groups, but they weren’t suitable or funding was cut, so I joined other parents to form Give us a Break.


Both myself and Matthew get so much more from attending these activities. Matthew is learning new skills as well as socialising and interacting with peers, but if he wants to take himself away from others for ‘me time’ this is ok too! His behaviour isn’t looked down upon or frowned at and he is happy and smiling taking part and we enjoy ourselves.


As a parent, I have the opportunity to meet other parents, who have now become friends, and share our experiences. 


Without this group we couldn’t access the variety of activities that we now do or be able to provide as many experiences for Matthew and his new friends. 


I hope you feel you can give us a try, just come along and meet us . We know you and your family will enjoy it!


Linda – October 2016