Most events need to be paid for in advance.  You can do this easily via the Paypal link below, or email us for the bank details if you’d like to do a bank transfer.

Your first time

Before you attend an event for the first time we need you to fill in a joining form, return it to us and we can quickly check this over and get back to you. You can download the form below. You can either print it off, fill it in and then scan it and return it by email. Alternatively you can simply write us an email containing the information required then hand us the completed document at the event itself.

Go to the joining page here

Once we have received your information we will quickly come back to you to either approve or discuss your application.


Parents/Carers are responsible for their child/young person/s at all times.

Joining Form – You need to fill one of these in and return it to us before attending your first activity.

Please don’t arrive too early as you will not be allowed in before the start of the event.

Download here –Joining page

We NEED you to let us have an emergency contact name and telephone number in case anything happens to you during an activity.

Either email us or let us have this at your next activity.


Booking and Paying for an Event after Joining

Once you have been approved then you can book and pay for events

In the grey box below please enter

  • SEN young person / childs name
  • Total Amount

Then it is extremely important to email us with a breakdown of the costs and event and attendees details, as below.

For each event we need

  • Event Name
  • Event Date
  • SEN child / young persons name
  • Number of adults / carers
  • Number of additional children / young people as well as their age

You can pay by Paypal – see the box below. Please let us know that you are doing so in your email.

If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer then please let us know in your email and we can send you the details.

Then send this to


You can pay by PayPal
For some events we need a deposit, some you can pay for as you turn up, (some are free) so if you have a paypal account just click and its sorted out.Enter the event name and Date in the Event Field along with any other information you think is necessary 

Event Details Total Amount £