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Just want to thank you to everyone who sorted and arranged the activities this summer holidays and for welcoming me and my 2 boys to the group. We have had some lovely days out.
Thank you
Gemma (malin and lewis)

Gemma also comments –

It’s nice that we can go to things booked by you guys so our children not miss out on experiencing things. As a parent it’s nice to meet others who kind of know what you are going through but have their own problems they are dealing with but you are comfortable to talk about it and not to feel alone and isolated. Thanks for what you sorted over summer holidays it helps get through them Dreaded 6 long weeks xxxxx


Its so nice to feel that we are not the only family out there with the same issues. Thanks to everyone!

Mark from Compton


From the Express and Star 15th September 2016



Its so nice to feel part of a group that understands and doesn’t judge me or my daughter when shes screaming and head hitting. As a parent I don’t feel as stressed when I can bring my girls to a safe environment. Its been great to meet other parents in the same situation and they are all very supportive and helpful. I’m blessed to have made so many friends.

Linz from Penn


GUAB makes a huge difference to our lives, my young man has a history of very challenging behaviour that many times just isn’t manageable; without GUAB I doubt we would leave the home in the holidays! The activities provided are just perfect for SLD, and if we have an incident I know I’m surrounded by families in similar situations who care and will help and support. The bonus for us is that by attending these activities, it builds up our sons resilience and helps towards desensitising him to so many everyday things he would usually find overwhelming……and this gives us the confidence to get out there and try new things as a family! I have also made so many wonderful friends in the process! Thank you, hope it continues forever!!



We like being part of this group, Elsie likes that she doesn’t stand out as being different, we have tried things we wouldn’t normally xx



My son is unable to attend mainstream activities but he enjoys attending guab activities where he can socialise with his peers, learn new skills and he has grown in confidence. We can attend the activities, as a family, and I have made many new friends myself. The group also gives parents a chance to talk to each other and share their experiences. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming



Just wanted to say thanks for the swimming session today Ryan loved it. It was just what he needed. So lovely to see him so happy after all hes been through!.😀



Thank you for a great activity at Worcester Snoezelen. Dean really enjoyed himself, it was great to meet you all.




Thank you for a really fun night we loved it x

Freddie especially liked Seeing Mr Bloom 😍😍


panto6 panto7

Anonymous Parent views from questionnaire feedback:

Guab provide safe activities, I can give my child more freedom and there are others around to help if needed.

Its good to talk to other parents who have similar experiences and problems. I enjoy spending time together as a family as we support each other and it helps my son to socialise with peers.

I would struggle to do outings and activities on my own. The venues with guab are safe and secure giving me more peace of mind.

Without guab we could not access such a varied range of activities with support, nor afford them.

everyone was very welcoming

We cannot access mainstream activities without guab therefore school.holidays would be very isolating which in turn causes regression in behaviour.


Anonymous Young persons comments on an activity :

I loved it, I had a great time it was fantastic’ parent explains he spent the rest of the day telling family members about it (the session).

I enjoyed it. Can I come again’

Comments about our recent Gatis Fun Day..


gatx20 gatx17

Thank you for this morning and the boys selection boxes x – Gemma

gatx16 gatx13

Thank you for letting us join you at swimming today. James really enjoyed it (although it did wear him out) and thanks for making us feel so welcome. – Dave of Wolverhampton

gatx12 gatx9

Thank you for Archie’s chocolate he had a lovely time bouncing and playing outside. 

gatx8 gatx6


Thank you for letting us join you at swimming today. James really enjoyed it (although it did wear him out) and thanks for making us feel so welcome – Dave


Comments about Polar Express


We’ve had a fab time on the Polar Express. Thank you for a wonderful time . It was lovely to share the experience with you all xx



The boys LOVED their trip on the Polar Express… and so did Hannah and I



We had a lovely time on the Polar Express. Thank you all very much



Thank you for organising a lovely trip tonight on the Polar Express, both my daughters loved it xxx



Great night on the Polar Express!



Thankyou for a wonderful trip on the polar express this evening! The boys loved it! Memories to treasure



We had a fab time on the Polar Express! We hope you enjoyed it and it was great sharing the experience with you all



Comments about our new Weekend Sessions at Old Fallings

sun7 sun4

We had a really lovely time what a fab place x thank you for organising these sessions x



Had a fab time Brandon really enjoyed himself. Thank you x



Thanks for a brilliant start to half term GUAB at Old Fallings!



Thank you Give us a Break for fun morning at Old fallings Adventure playground



Fantastic hectic lovely rewarding fun play session today at Old Fallings just for give us a break families. Such lovely folks 😄😄


He had a fantastic time thank you guab xx



About our Old Fallings Session during the Easter Holidays – 

Noah just said” had a great day,” signed good, then ” nice time bouncy castle”. Thank you very much for today especially hot cup of tea for me. X